Phosphate Wastewater Treatment

Phosphating wastewater mainly comes from the pre-treatment phosphating liquid of metal surface degreasing derusting, surface conditioning, phosphating, passivation and steel pieces phosphating; it contains a certain amount of complexing agent. The complexing agent and phosphorus combine together to form compounds. It is very difficult to get 0.5 mg/L emission requirement of disposing effluent total phosphorus by conventional methods; phosphating wastewater chroma is higher at the same time, so decolorization must be considered during the process in principle.

The phosphorus in phosphating wastewater mainly exists in the form of orthophosphate. In iron aluminum oxide and electrolytic polishing surface treatment industry, phosphate usually need to be used under the condition of heating, temperature rise will make the phosphate change into various forms, so phosphorus forms are various in wastewater.

Phosphorus removal powder developed by our company has a remarkable effect to remove various forms of orthophosphate in phosphating wastewater, water chromaticity and phosphate indexes can reach standards stably.

Phosphating wastewater treatment process as follows.

To treat phosphating wastewater with phosphorus removal agent, phosphorus of 2000ppm can be reduced to below 0.5ppm.

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